Future of Mobility

Brose has been setting standards for innovative and high-quality door drive systems for many years. “We have the expertise to develop all the components of our door and tailgate systems ourselves, to coordinate and manufacture them optimally. This has made us the global market leader,” emphasizes Christof Vollkommer, Managing Director of Door Systems at Brose.


Brose is the fourth largest family owned automotive supplier in the world.

Flush Glazing technology Door System

In the future, you will able to control your privacy as you will be able to tune the transparency of the glass .


Every driving experience begins with entering the vehicle.

You approach the driver door. A sensor scans your surroundings for obstacles before opening. Brose’s complete system has already adjusted everything inside the car precisely to meet your needs. As you settle in, the door automatically closes.


Autopilot Mode

Brose efficiently integrates mechanics, electrics, electronics and customer applications in side door drives.  With single press of button, you can switch to autopilot mode. There will be several options included in autopilot (work, relax mode, and party mode). The flexible interior adjusts accordingly. The seat quickly adjusts for driving mode and the steering wheel and centre console move back to their original position. The airflow from the AC system adjusts to the new situation. Here we are currently preparing the worldwide series production of our innovative side door drives.